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10th May 2021 

Reflex Zone Therapy (or Reflexology)

Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet (or Reflexology) treats the whole person through stimulating precise areas on the feet called reflex zones. These reflexes relate to all structures and organs of the body and energy field.

In the initial session the practitioner takes a medical case history from the client followed by a practical assessment of reflex zones on the feet. This estabishes a baseline for treatment.

After assessment the client responds by having reactions, indicating that the self-healing capacity of the body has been stimulated to enable repair and healing to take place.

The reflex zones found during assessment plus the systems of the person that have reacted then receive treatment in the following session. Also included in the sessions are relaxation, breathing and massage of the feet.

Reflex Zone Therapy may be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions. The relaxation and well-being gained from treatment may also help to maintain health and prevent illness.

One hour session of consultation and treatment is 60 at Life by Margot, Crouch End, N8 8JQ

For appointments and further information please contact me on 07799077205.