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10th May 2021 

Maternity Reflex Therapy

Maternity Reflex Therapy may be used safely from the point of conception, all through
pregnancy. It can regulate the hormones and balance the physical changes in
each trimester as well as assisting with the mental and emotional adjustments of being pregnant. It may help ease pregnancy symptoms such as headaches, sickness, fatigue, mood changes and disturbed sleep etc.
It is a preparation for labour and birth. . Research by Dr Gowrie Motha indicated that fortnightly reflexology shortened labour times and decreased labour pain. More frequent treatment in the last month is particulary beneficial as labour preparation and can help avoid induction.
A special treatment may be given to induce the birth process.

Post-natally Reflex Therapy can help with hormone readjustments, breast
feeding difficulties, regaining energy and regulating the menstrual cycle.

One hour session of consultation and treatment is 60. Location: Project Me, Park Road, N8 8JQ.
For further information and appointments please contact me on 07799077205. Thank you.