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25th June 2021 

Mental Colour Therapy and Reiki

Mental Colour Therapy is a form of vibration healing. The colours used are those in nature such as Spring Green, Rose Pink, Bluebell Blue. Each colour has its own vibrational quality, and has a specific function. The treatment is very gentle, non- invasive and relaxing, and takes place fully clothed. Mental Colour Therapy can also be sent as distance healing and is just as effective. This can be helpful if a person is unable to physically attend a session due to illness or is hospitalised ie with Covid 19. Also helpful to support rehabilitation after illness and support immune system. Distance healing is safe in conjunction with medical treatments and medications.

During the treatment the practitioner creates a mental thought or visualisation of the colour to be applied. This vibration is then passed through the practitioner's hands to the person receiving the healing. The energy may be applied to the person's physical body or their aura. The need of the person receiving the colours will determine how the healing affects them.

Immediate benefit may be felt from the treatment. It takes 24 hours to fully
absorb the energy and sometimes a few days for the healing process to complete itself.

Mental Colour Therapy may be used to treatment people and animals and may also be received as absent healing.


Reiki mean Universal Life energy. It is a system of hands on healing originating in Japan. The vital life force of 'Ki' is channelled through the practitioner's hands and given to the client who determines how the energy is used for their healing. Reiki heals on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to restore balance and enhance health and well being. Reiki can also support other forms of treatment, both conventional and complementary and may help to reduce side effects from medication, speed recovery after operations or accidents. The benefits include immune system boost, decrease stress, calming mind and emotions, a deeper sense of harmony and balance and well being.

One hour session of consultation and treatment is 60. To book session phone 07799077205.